Friday, October 19, 2007

kinoko sakamushi

This Japanese dish translates to something along the lines of Sake Steamed Mushrooms. The delicate flavour of the sake broth is highlighted with a drop of hot wasabi. Although the recipe is not 100% authentic, as the mushrooms are poached in sake-rather than steamed over it- I found my way of making it to be more flavoursome, as the mushrooms impart their earthy juices into the sauce. Really this dish is mostly about expressing the different textures of mushrooms. I find that an essential mushroom to this dish is the King Oyster, it has an abalone-like chewy texture. Serve this warm or room temperature as an entree or with aemono (small vinaeger and dressed dishes) and rice.


8 medium king oyster mushrooms
12 chestnut mushrooms
15 swiss brown mushrooms
1/2 cup sake
1 pinch salt
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp wasabi paste


1. Slice the mushrooms thickly (0.5cm)
2. Boil water, and put mushrooms in for about 4-5 min, you don't want to fully cook them.
3. Reserve 2 ladles of the cooking liquid, and drain the mushrooms.
4. In a bowl put the mushroom liquor, sake, salt and soy sauce.
5. Arrange the mushrooms in small bowls, pour over the sauce so that their in a jacuzzi, but not enough to be drowning in!
6. Dot a tiny drop of wasabi on the top mushroom.

PS: does any one like my iron-chefesque photo? hehe : )


pablopabla said...

Great looking pic! And I can just imagine how juicy the mushrooms are with every bite :D

snaplings said...

thanks pablo- they were definately juicy!


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