Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ghostie Cake & Hallowe'en

Halloween this year was truly scary on a number of levels, the costumes, the trickery, the over-50's bobbing for donuts competition. There was more skin jiggling there than at Bada Bing on a friday night. But by far the most freaky for me was rolling out some fondant to make this ghostie cake. I saw the design originally in a women's weekly cake for kids mag/book and decided that since I own a bombe mold to make good use of it. Turns out it was super duper easy, all except for keeping the blue icing UNDER the fondant and not smeared all over the virginal white exterior. Was quite pleased with the shonky but recognizable ghostie result. Also some old pics from the spooktacular feast that was halloween.

Miss Ghostie

Ghostie's yummy icing blob filling (all vanilla)

Sundried Tomato Pinwheels with Coriander Leaves AKA Pumpkins

Pre-school Stylie Mac n Cheese Swamp Monsters for the kiddies

Almond Shortbread Witches Fingers n Toes

The tomato pinwheels had a filling made of semi-dried tomatoes, cream cheese and some spices processed in a blender and spread onto sundried tomato wraps. They were wrapped over night and sliced into rounds an hour before serving. Quite fiddly but really tasty. The witches fingers were courtesy of George Calombaris' recipe for greek Kourambithes cookies, but because it was a rainy day I ended up adding more flour to the sticky and soft dough.


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