Friday, October 05, 2007

little foodies

OK I know this isn't a recipe or review, but look how cute they are!!!! This is an ad for Wrigley's Extra gum, where the food the main character has eaten follows him around all day - literally. The animation is fantastic. I cant wait for them to make actual toys out of these things so they can follow me around too!!


Tobi said...

Ooooh...... Tasty looking buggers. You know I once had a dream where food was chasing me, wasn't as cute however, I mean how cute can kebabs and souvlaki look running after someone........ Anyways, I agree with you, I hope they do make toys out of these things... that way when you get hungry you can just lick the toys without eating the food and gaining any calories :)

snaplings said...

HAHA sounds like the next blockbuster horror film!! attack of the living kebab. If they make the toys i just hope they don't have wrigley's logo splattered on them- which undoubtedly they will- maybe they could make them flavoured!!


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