Monday, October 15, 2007

Food Tattoos

Sure, we say we love food. We eat, we cook, we read, we pontificate and we blog. But these fine-feathered food fanatics have taken the next step- and branded food permanently on their bodies. Ranging from interesting and funky (see: little mexican mouse on flying corn cob) to the downright bizzarre (see: nightmare cheeseburger with bulging eyeballs) these tattoos really have you asking yourself: if there was a food tattoo I was going to get- what would it be? Feel free to answer this yourselves.. Although I will probably never get one- due to my very very low pain threshold- many of these tattoos are indeed "guilty of being delicious".


Anonymous said...

Check out Food Tattoos group on flickr for ideas, or to add your picture of your food tattoo!

Asta said...

Wow, these are great! I was thinking of writing a post about food tattoos. I would love to talk to these people and learn what motivated these people and why they find food so inspiring.


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